Semifinalist pianist Van Cliburn competition visited the restaurant Taste of Europe

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[Dallas, Texas] Member of the 14th International Piano Competition Van Cliburn named Alexey Chernov with his wife and American friends went to a Russian restaurant Taste of Europe on the eve of the semi-finals in Arlington, which was launched on 1 June sooboaet The Dallas Telegraph .

As previously reported by The Telegraph Dallas , Alex along with the other three members of Russian and Ukrainian representative went to the semifinals of the prestigious piano competition with half a century of history.

30-year-old Alexei Chernov was born in Moscow in a family of musicians. Already 4 years of age he began studying music. Alex - a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the British Royal College of Music. The winner of over 20 international competitions playing the piano. Among his awards - 2nd place in the competition Cleveland International Piano Competition in 2011 and 5th place at the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition. Since its first performance in the Concert Hall of the Rachmaninoff in 2005, has performed with orchestras Chernov Mikhail Pletnev, Enrique Batiza, Sladkovsky Alexander and Dmitry Orlov.

On the eve of the restaurant Taste of Europe visited his wife Alexis and her American friends. Guests tasted Russian food, pleased to see a range of shops and restaurant, which is rather similar to the Russian Museum. And the second time they came together with the maestro. Tells the restaurant owner Mikhail Frumkin: "Recently, comes to us many famous people. Pianist Alexei Chernov came with his wife and friends. We talked about the competition Van Cliburn. He said that he was pleased with how sygryl early in the contest. Together with friends Alex ordered familiar to Russian human dishes - beef stroganoff, dumplings, blichiki with meat, dumplings, schnitzel, kebabs and, of course, Russian salad. We were delighted to host the restaurant Alexei Chernov. "

Recall that in the framework of the semifinal June 2 from 7.30 to 8.10 pm Alex will play music by Antonin Dvorak. Another seminal speech Alexei held June 4 from 7.30 to 8.30. He will perform music by Bartok, Scriabin, Schumann and Purcell. The same day, the finalists will be announced on the 14th Van Cliburn competition. Watch performances of Alexei and other participants of the contest live on the site of the Van Cliburn Foundation .

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Photo by Mikhail Frumkin





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