The names of the finalists of the 14th Van Cliburn Competition

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Russian Nikita Mndoyants. Photo by Ralph Lauer / The Cliburn

[Dallas, Texas] Almost at midnight on June 4 were announced the finalists of the 14th International Piano Competition Van Cliburn name - says The Dallas Telegraph. They are: contestant from China - 22-year-old Fei-Fei Dong, the representative of Japan - 19-year-old Tomoki Sakata, 20-year-old Italian Beatrice Rana, 26-year-old Ukrainian Vadim Cholodenko, 24-year-old U.S. representative - Shen Chen and 24-year-old Russian Nikita Mdoyants.

Alexander Mndoyants host it in the U.S. Renie Steves (right) and translator (left), who worked for the KGB. Photos from family archives Steves.

Russian Nikita Mndoyants born into a family of professional musicians. Nikita's father Mndoyants, Alexander participated in the Van Cliburn Competition in 1977 and then took fifth place.

Vadim Cholodenko - Contestant voice Levitan. Creative Commons Van Cliburn

Ukrainian Vadim Kholodenko addition to classical music and composing more interested in jazz and improvisation.

Now the finalists will compete for the first prize - 50,000 dollars and the opportunity (contracts from the Fund Van Cliburn) speak at international concerts. In addition, the six finalists receive three-year contract with the performances in the USA. Total prize fund is 175 thousand dollars and a 3-year contract worth $ 1.3 million. The winner will be announced at a ceremony on June 9. But before that, each of the finalists will play two piano concertos, one - with the Symphony Orchestra of Fort Worth running Leonard Slatkin.

The performances of the contestants can be followed live on the website of the Foundation Van Cliburn.

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