Tickets to Hell are More Expencive

Ahead of the upcoming Mayan apocalypse, firms have started selling post-apocalyptic survival kits, coupons for indulgence and even tickets to Heaven and Hell. Stores in many Russian cities have started selling survival kits, which include candles, matches, soap, cereals, and other necessities, Vesti reports. Other sellers offer coupons for indulgence. […]

Russian Higway to Hell

An apocalypse kit is not the only way for the entrepreneurial minded to cash in on the end of the world hype. One Ukrainian enterprise is selling tours to heaven and hell for December 21 promising full return of money in case of “not getting to heaven or hell.” A trip to […]

Russian officials cancel apocalypse

Meanwhile, in Russia rapidly growing doomsday hype has sparked a negative reaction from authorities. Russia`s Emergency Ministry is not expecting any global cataclysms in the near future, the head of EMERCOM Vladimir Puchkov said on Friday, adding that those worried are free to call the Ministry hotline to talk about […]

Ask Phil Dyer (Mayor of Plano) Your Question!

Phil Dyer (born July 6, 1951) is the current and 37th mayor of Plano, Texas. He was elected in 2009. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1973. He received his Masters of Business Administration from East Texas State University in 1981. Dyer served on several local boards and committees starting […]

The Flying Ukrainians of Texas

[Dallas, TX] “Zorya” Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble of Ukrainian American Society Of Texas (UAST), brings colors, spirit and fire of carefully preserved art of traditional Ukrainian dance culture to Texas. Many Dallasianas and guests of the city who attended WordFest in Addison, Texas State Fair in Dallas, was able see original “Hopak”, […]

What and How your Russian Wife Thinks

She was tender and beautiful, he was strong and… an American! The honeymoon is over, and the real life starts. Suddenly they are facing not only language barriers, not only cultural differences – there is something else. Doctor Gita Lakashmi from Iowa (well, actually from India), tells Dallas Telegraph the […]

ASUS 1000W Linux

HS-1000W works fine with Linux distors. Ubuntu: Go to Systems, Preferences, Sound, select output tab, choose a device for sound output:, select Asus. You can also go to the hardware tab and choose a device to configure: highlight Asus, then press test speakers. Zorin: Go Applications, System Tools, System Settings, Sound. […]

“Wild, Wild, West…” – Russian New Year’s Show in English and Russian

Happy Memories, Dallas based non-profit organization, conducts Russian New Year Elka (Christmas Tree Celebration) for almost a decade now. It is joyful, full of surprises show with many famous Russian fairy-tale heroes presented in the play by local kids and youth. Russian Elka is the holiday for entire family.  This memorable celebration suits every age. It […]