Chrystya Geremesz

Chrystya Geremesz feeling disgusted.

I am disgusted with this blatant disrespect to Ukraine and all Ukrainians who love their country. This ad is portraying Ukraine and Russia as one, using the hyphen. Russia continues to kill thousands worldwide, displace many more with the war in Eastern Ukraine and Syria. Anyone who is ok with advertising RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN should be ashamed. I am extremely disappointed that both Veselka and Zorya can stand by why Serge Taran and the Dallas Telegraph continue to disgrace Ukrainians. Now, it seems Serge Taran uses Sergey Vasilievich to hide his name.

UAST does not allowed Serge Taran to take pictures at our private events because of things like this done many times before. Being a 30-year Board Member of the Ukrainian American Society of Texas, I urge all Ukrainians to stand together and ban this kind of advertising and do everything in our power to stop this negative infiltration into our Ukrainian Community. This group has an agenda and they will continue if there are Ukrainians who allow them to latch on and take away our Ukrainian identity. Wake Up, Speak Up!!

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