Happy Birthday, Masha!

2014-11-01 Marya Klemenko Birthday. Photo The Dallas Telegraph, Serge Taran  (56)-1


Masha Klemenko is an Official Niece of the Dallas Telegraph newspaper. Actually, my niece 😉

No wander the newspaper was invited to one of the top birthday parties in town. You may ask, what made it so special?

It is not only hospitality of the family, best food imaginable, but party’s own Pop Star!

How cool is it to have mama a Pop Star!

Ludmila Kasyanenko, Masha’s mother is a famous pop singer from Ukraine, known to Slavic America as “Ukrainian Madonna”. She took the microphone and performed her top hits to close circle of dedicated friends.

Ukrainian Madonna Ludmila Kasyanenko and young Ukrainian beauty Masha Klemenko

Among guests we noticed Dallas celebrities Anna Fermanova and Konstantin Chernikov – admired youth community leaders; Eugene and Olga Grayfer with the family, owners of Veritas Home Health; Katya Woods of Dallas Luxury Realty; Dallas beauty Albina Kanevskaya.

Good and old friends came to pay respect to Masha: Sofiya and Iosif Minevich, Vasily Papko, Galina Matorina, Dina Konarshayeva, Alla Pavlova, Yulia Matorina, Thomas Powe, Anya Powe, Anastasiya Nikiforova and her family, Svitlana Zeigler, Aramis and Oleksandra Kudryashovu, Irina Matz, Galina and Rich Jenkins, Anna and Leonid Dudnikovu, many others.

What a party it was! Thank you, Masha, thank you, Ludmila!

Happy Birthday!

Ancle Serge

PS. To prevent calls from our readers – no, Masha is not married (yet).


Photos from the album: 2014 Masha Klemenko Birthday http://goo.gl/L50uxM

Successful Dallas businessman Eugene Grayfer


Anna Fermanova and Konstantin Chernikov – admired youth community leaders


Albina Kanevskaya and her son Niki






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