Hardie Avenue – All the Way to Dallas!

Hardie Avenue is a alternative sound American band with Slavic roots.

In 2003 Hardie Avenue was started by Yuri Mayba the lead singer and main front guy. With a completely different line up than the one they have now, they toured and played mostly around the pacific North West including Oregon and Washington with excursions into Northern California. They were mostly a youth worship team back then in an evangelical Ukrainian church.

Eight years later, band’s newest album, Beautiful Words, is their most musically diverse album to date. Technical and piercing solo’s, intricately melodic guitar voicing with a driving fat bass on top of great vocal talent and punching beats. Beautiful Words, which was released in June of 2010 is HA’s most musically mature album to date. “Piercing the Darkness” was a hard act to follow but Harding Avenue continues to amaze fans around the globe.

River of Life Church and Slavic National Holiday in the USA are excited to host Hardie Avenue to the Dallas area, just in time for the Easter season!

If you are anywhere in South-West of the Unted States – don’t miss this opportunity, come yourself and invite friends and family for this unique concert. Get in the car and drive from your street to our Avenue – highways in Texas are superb!

Buckle-up and get onto Avenue in Dallas!

When: Saturday, April 23 · 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Where: Hunters Glen Baptist Church, 4001 Custer Rd,Plano, Texas


Press Hardie Avenue’s date in the Calendar below to add it to your schedule and to send directions to your car’s computer!


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