Mr. Frank Graham about President Putin

Open Letter

Respected Billy Graham Evangelistic Association!

Allegedly, during his visit to Moscow, Mr. Frank Graham said:

“Christian of United States are prying for well-being of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. … I pray and I call believers to pray for President of Russia. He leads a great country blessed by God, Who gave him (Putin) all necessary wisdom”.

Please confirm, if this statement by Moscow press is true or false.

Also, allegedly, Mr. Frank Graham gave an interview to Kremlin newspaper entitled “America Goes Godless”. (“Московский комсомолец” №26952 от 31 October 2001).

Kindly clarify.

The fact Mr. Franklin Graham visits U.S. sanctioned Russian Federation and holds talks with President Putin and Russian Orthodox Church is very sufficient to start a world-wide campaign “I Cancel my Support to Billy Graham Evangelistic Association”.

With or without your comments the campaign starts now.

Additionally, we will start a campaign to review your non-profit grounds with IRS, as we see american tax-payers money not spent in accord of foreign policy of Unites States of America.

In prayers for health of Mr. Franklin Graham,

Serge Taran,
Publisher The Dallas Telegraph

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