Russian Americans Stamp Petition

У русских американцев может быть и своя марка

To the U.S. Postage Service Stamp Committee:

There are more than five million Russian Americans in the USA. They are hardworking, educated, contributing citizens of this country. Inventors Igor Sikorsky (helicopters), Serge Brin (Google co-founder), Vladimir  Zvorykin (inventor of television); Isaac  Asimov, (writer);  Irving Berlin (composer, author of “God Bless America” National Anthem); Yul Brynner, Milla Jovovich, Kirk Douglas (Hollywood actors), to name a few, are Russian Americans.

Russian America should most appropriately be commemorated by a U.S. Postage stamp.

By my signature below, I support the Russian America Postage Stamp design submitted by Serge Taran, Founder & Chairman of the Slavic National Holiday in the USA Center, Inc. for approval by the U.S. Postal Service for an official postage stamp.

Follow this link to sign a petition!

Also, you may suggest YOUR stamp design below:

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