Russians in Houston

Burmese Refugees in Houston
Christmas Field trip
December 20th, 2014, group of ESL class teachers and their families with help of few churches organized Christmas field trip for Burmese students of English Second Language class, which we have at Sumblossom Mountain Apartments on the Ranchester Street like follow up program of Cup of Nations. We brought about 40 people (18 ladies and their kids) to The Woodlands Market Street. Burmese refugees in Houston don’t have opportunity to have any trips. Usually they just stay around their apartment complex and can’t see a different beauty of our city. Many of our students didn’t see any Christmas trees before.
We walked together around big Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Waterway and fountains. After, we drove around beautiful streets with lights and came to our house for dinner and fellowship. During dinner we explained to them what Christmas means and how God works in our lives. We sung Christmas songs together. Our prayer is that God will visit refuge communities in Houston with His Spirit.

Russian Speaking Community around Houston
Russian Christmas Eve

January 4th Russian Speaking church “House of Treasure” had a wonderful Christmas eve for Russian Speaking people. There was about 90 people. It was a great opportunity not just to tell them the Christmas story, but also share with them  what Christ  does in our lives today. 70% of them were non believers. Also, they made a lot of donations of clothes and toys for Burmese refugees in Houston. We pray about revival among them!

 With prayer for our city,
 Sergei and Victoria Khripunov

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