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Our Hearts Day Center Treat Each Individual With Respect, Dignity, and Kindness

Our Hearts Day Center – Serving those special with needs. Our Hearts Day Habilitation Center will treat each individual with respect, dignity, and kindness, while understanding the value and worth each of our consumers bring to our lives, our communities, and our world. Our Hearts Day Habilitation Center operates with a […]

Our Hearts Day Center:Care and love is our hearts commitment

Our Hearts Day Center – Serving those special with needs. Special Education Instructor will help your loved one with: Social Skills; Academics/Reading and Math; Poetry/Singing/Music/Art; Physical Activities (Basketball, Swimming); Games (Checkers, Cards, Computers). Serving HCS, CLASS, MDCP and Private Pay Consumers. Skilled Services Provided as needed: Medication Administration Including Peg Tube; […]

Одна из лучших дизайнеров Далласа устроила показ мод в пользу центра “Our Hearts”

Элла Бородянская и Исе Азенабор [Даллас, Техас] Шоу-показы мод (Fashion Show) всегда удивляют дизайнерской фантазией, удивительным сочетанием красок, материалов и фасонов. Июньский Показ мод от Исе Азенабор (Esé Azénabor) был навеян «Призраком Оперы», который дизайнер еще в 6-летнем возрасте посмотрела в Лондоне. Девочку тогда просто загипнотизировали богатство и сложность костюмов, […]

Esé Azénabor Presents “Phantom of the Runway” Fashion Show Benefitting Our Hearts Day Center

Experience the grand event of emerging fashion designer Esé Azénabor. Ese’ will debut her entire 2014 Collection of 44 looks at the “Phantom of the Runway” Fashion show on June, “Friday the 13th”   at the Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G.). 100% of All of the proceeds from this event will go directly to Our Hearts Day Center. […]