The Texas Telegraph, The Dallas Telegraph Social Media and Newpaper

What is The Dallas Telegraph?

The Dallas Telegraph is a subsidiary of Genesis Press publishing house registered in the State of Texas. Genesis Press also publishes Slavic Voice of America’s website SlavicVoice.org with a world-wide audience since 2009.


Who Are We? 

The Dallas Telegraph is a media-outlet by Russian Texans, for Russian Texans, and beyond.


What is Our Audience?

The Dallas Telegraph iPad and The Dallas Telegraph printed newspaper serves estimated 70,000 Russian-speaking Americans of North Texas, fast-growing sector of “American husband to Russian wife” and those interested in Texas news throughout the US and from abroad.


What is Our Format?

Genesis Press servers its audience first through Social Media – Facebook, Pinterest, Russian Classmates (Odnoklassniki), Google+, Photo-galleries, numerous Meet-up, Google and Yahoo groups, also through The Dallas Telegraph iPad (electronic edition) and The Dallas Telegraph printed newspaper.


What Is Our Content?

Editorial articles, photo-galleries of local events, blogs, translation of major local, national and international news feeds. All content is multilingual in Russian, Ukrainian, and English.


What is the Language of Our Content?

We have editorial articles in Russian, Ukrainian, English. Our website auto-translates articles into numerous languages. Each article published in The Dallas Telegraph iPad and The Dallas Telegraph printed newspaper contains links to both Russian and English versions.


Who Is Our Leadership Team?

Serge Taran, publisher, professional journalist, photographer, editor, radio host, with experience working in the Soviet Press; TASS (Soviet Union News Agency); and in American Media for more than 30 years (Chaplain Ray’s International Prison Ministry and Bill Glass’s  Champions for Life, Slavic Voice of America).

Ludmila Taran-Kachkar,  professional journalist, editor, radio host, with experience of leading major Russian newspapers and magazines, including the position of Editor-in-Chief of Billy Graham’s Decision Russia Magazine.

On staff we have award-wining graphic designer, professional editor and correspondent in Moscow, Russia.


What Makes The Dallas Telegraph Different?

The Dallas Telegraph is LOCAL trusted source of information for Russian-speaking Texans. It also serves families of American husbands with Russian wives, specializing in a tri- bilingual Slavic (Russian and Ukrainian-speaking) audience. Editorial staff is involved deeply in Social Life, Events and Day-by-Day community life of Russian Texas.


What Is Our Distribution?

Electronic edition is distributed through our Social Media outlets and printed edition is available to paid subscribers, in ethnic schools, social and religious centers, businesses, newsstands at ethnic stores, etc.



The Dallas Telegraph