Ludmila Kachkar, Publisher of The Dallas Telegraph, Speaks on Genocide

The International newspaper of Texas – The Dallas Telegraph – is a community tool to reach Russian-speaking Americans, Ukrainian-speaking Americans, and we are happy now to be a part of Armenian community of DFW as well.

There are estimated 20,000 who speak Ukrainian in Texas, and we believe this number corresponds to number of Armenians in our state. I have Armenian last name, but I was born in Ukraine and, as many Armenians, I speak Russian too.

Ukraine and Armenia both have a long and rich history that goes back in time not centuries but more than one thousand years. Kievan Rus, as a country with a capital of Kiev, was established in late IX century.
We can call Armenia an older brother of Kievan Rus. The great city of Yerevan was established in 782 B.C. It makes the capital of Armenia almost one thousand years older than Kiev.

Both countries have a lot in common. I believe Christianity has made both our countries civilized and prosperous. People of the great nation of Armenia have their alphabet created by Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian theologian who invented Armenian alphabet to record the Bible. Ukrainian people have their theologian monks who came from Bulgaria – Kirill and Methodius. They created the Slavic alphabet with the same purpose – to record the Scripture.

Today, many centuries later, both our countries – Armenia and Ukraine – are still strong Christian countries. As a Christian myself , I strongly believe it is a Biblical message of Love, Integrity, and Devotion that helped both our nations to live through not only joyful and happy times but through the times of sorrow.

Both countries, Armenia and Ukraine, have very sad pages in a history. In 1932-1933 Ukraine suffered Holodomor. It was a man-made hunger – the term “Holodomor” in Ukrainian means “extermination by hunger”. Seven million Ukrainians died. Ukrainian Holodomor was recognized by many countries of the world after Ukraine gained independence from Soviet Union.

These days we pay respect to massacre of 1,5 million Armenian sons and daughters who gave their life in a name of the nation. In one hand, the Armenian nation suffered greatly by the number of people who were murdered for no reason or any logical explanation, but Genocide has made Armenian nation stronger and more united. As Jewish nation who spread all-around the world and suffered a great loss of six million lives from Holocaust, Armenian nation suffered from Genocide and spread all-over the world too.

Today’s meeting in a heart land of Texas in U.S. is another proof that Armenians in all countries of the world is one nation under the God. My prayer today that Armenian Genocide will be recognized by all countries of the world, starting with U.S. Recognition of Armenian Genocide for me, as a Christian, means that 1,5 million souls will finally rest, and God’s truth will prevail. Also, my prayer for Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

By joining our hands, we can work together in a community, in local, state, and federal government to make our mutual dreams come true – to recognize Ukrainian Holodomor and Armenian Genocide, starting here in our home town up to Austin, up to Washington, and world-wide.

God bless Hayastan! God bless all Armenians all over the world and each of you! Thank you!

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