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Календарь культурных событий Большого Далласа c 4 по 10 марта

Undermain Theatre представляет «Три сестры» А.П. Чехова Undermain Theatre представляет спектакль «Три сестры» по произведению А.П. Чехова. 5 недель: c 7 февраля по 11 марта 2018 года. Английская версия: Сара Рал. Режиссер: Кэтрин Оуэнс. По мнению Ричарда Эар, The Independent: «…Антон Чехов — лучший драматург 20-го века…». Расписание и билеты – по ссылке. Адрес: 3200 Main St., Dallas, […]

Dmitri Ratser in Dallas

“One of Russia`s greatest pianists”, said The Dallas Morning News On March 10, 2018, at Steniway Hall-Plano, Mr. Ratser will be performing by Polish, Amerianc, and Russian composers. Fellowship, autographs and reception following the concert, dynamically called “Musical March Madness!”. Mr. Ratser was awarded the First Prize in Moscow’s All-Soviet […]

Dmitri Ratser in Dallas

Dmitri Ratser was born in Moscow into a family of professional musicians, whereby his own musical talents were early recognized. While still a child, he was accepted to study under Professor Yakov Flier (1973-78) at the Moscow Conservatory, and later worked with Alexander Ikharev (1980-82) at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. […]