Earth Scientist Valentyn Loktyev, “I Believe There is an Explanation for Extraordinary Things if You Gig Deep Enough”

Valentyn Loktyev when he was young, he collected rocks and did not see his future other than geology

What is common between Texas and Ukraine besides the size of the territory and sincere people?

Permian time which spans 50 million years (between Carboniferous Period 300 and Triassic period 250 million years ago) created a similar geology in the both. And a lot of the Texas oil comes precisely from structures created that time.

Being the third generation in the oil scientists, Valentyn Loktyev when he was young, he collected rocks and did not see his future other than geology.

Who is a geologist? The person, who has ability to see what is hidden from the eyes deep underground. Of course, you may try to guess where to drill a millions dollars oil well, but better go through tons of information and only then, with the confidence, to make the right model.

Even if some people against of oil consumption, all of population is against money waste for empty wells.

Valentyn received the education in the two best schools of geology in Ukraine — he graduated from Karazin University with a degree in geology in Kharkov (where he taught later) and received a PhD in Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas University.

In Ukrainian period his knowledge both theoretical and practical turned into 7 patents and more than 20 articles. Subsequently, an experienced geoscientist was to work for the the global oil company in office in Ukraine.

Middle East Oman experience for 4 years was the opportunity to work on the one hand with oil in carbonates and on another hand with specialists of more than 80 nationalities, cooperation, which is clear, contributed to mutual enrichment.

Since the spring 2019, Valentyn has been working in Houston and always remembers that taking care of the Earth is so important during the exploration of Mars.

Let’s wish him the best of luck in the Texas bluebonnet fields.

By Maria Allen

Photo by Maria Allen

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