Coronavirus — January 31st, 2020 Facts

▶️ The WHO ( World Health Organization) has declared an international emergency over coronavirus.

▶️ The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to 9,809 and killing 213 in mainland China, according to Chinese authorities. Beijing declares public health emergency and warns foreign visitors.

▶️ The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that there are 241 people under investigation for the novel coronavirus in 36 states. Of them, six have tested positive, 114 negative, and 121 are still pending. There is one case in Arizona, one in Washington state, two in California and two in Illinois.

▶️ The U.S. State Department elevated its China travel advisory to level 4, recommending that Americans do not travel there.

▶️ Russia has identified its first two Wuhan coronavirus cases, both Chinese citizens. One patient is being treated in Zabaikalsky region, with the second case detected in the Tyumen region in Western Siberia.

▶️ British health officials confirmed the first two cases of the coronavirus in the U.K.

▶️ Italy declared a six-month state of emergency after two Chinese tourists in the country tested positive for the coronavirus

▶️ Singapore’s health ministry banned entry to all Chinese visitors and foreigners with a recent history of travel to China.

▶️ Dow drops 500 points as worries grow about the economic impact of the coronavirus.

▶️ France and Italy are both sending planes to repatriate citizens from Wuhan. The Canadian government has evacuated a limited group of diplomatic staff, their family members and children from mainland China due to the coronavirus outbreak. Russia will begin evacuating its citizens from Chinese provinces of Wuhan and Hubei, where there are 300 and 341 Russians respectively.

▶️ Sixty-two countries have implemented some form of immigration control on Chinese citizens, as the deadly coronavirus has spread from Wuhan. Six countries have tightened visa rules for Chinese citizens, four have restricted Chinese citizens’ entry into their countries, and five have launched restrictive measures on anyone from Hubei or with recent travel history to the province, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. Forty-seven countries have required Chinese citizens to undergo temperature checks and submit health declarations.

▶️ Japan confirmed three new cases of the novel coronavirus on Friday, bringing the total number of cases to 17. Five additional cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in Thailand, bringing the country’s total number of cases to 19. South Korea reports a total of 11 confirmed coronavirus cases. Germany confirms its fifth case of the coronavirus.

▶️ Delta Air Lines and American Airlines each said on Friday that they were suspending all service to mainland China.

▶️ A high-ranking Chinese official said on Friday that he felt responsible for the spread of the coronavirus, offering his most direct expression of responsibility for the crisis.

Photo by Mark Ralston | AFP | Getty Images

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