Me and Money. The Psychology of Wealth

By Said Davlatov,

I am pleased to announce that my most popular book, Me and Money: The Psychology of Wealth, is published in the United States!

In five years, over 700,000 copies of Me and Money have been sold throughout Central Asia and Russia, and it was the best-selling book according to BBC Radio in 2012.

You may ask, “Why should you read Me and Money? Is it truly meant for me?”

Well, let me ask you this, “Are you interested in earning more money? Are you someone who wants money to work for you? Do you want to become financially free?” If you answered yes, then this book is for you!

Within the pages of Me and Money, I have hidden more than 10 secrets to financial freedom. But, it is not simply listed there for you. You must read it, learn it and only then will you truly understand it…as if created from your own thoughts!

As you identify each secret, you will begin to integrate them into your daily life, creating a standard system of saving and multiplying money. The secret of wealth is not in simply making money, but in preserving (saving) and managing your money. When you are financially disciplined, you develop a systematic approach to solving financial problems. When you implement the financial system outlined in Me and Money, you gain order and control over your financial situation. Without a proper system, disorder and chaos will control you and your expenses will increase.

The financial plan outlined in Me and Money will guarantee your financial stability. As in school, the alphabet taught millions of people to read and write. In the same way, the financial plan will help you learn to save and multiply your money.

Ask yourself, “If I were to stop working now, would I be able to live comfortably and financially secure for the rest of my life?” If your answer is no, you do not yet have enough knowledge about money or money management. Me and Money can help! After much trial and error, I implemented the financial system and became financially free in only three years! That’s right, THREE YEARS! You can do it too!

After reading Me and Money, you will discover a new world. I have received countless letters from people just like you who tell me how much this book inspired them and created a new life for them. It is my hope that one day we meet and you tell me the same!

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