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Coronavirus — February 22nd, 2020 Facts

▶️ China’s National Health Commission reported 648 new confirmed cases, and 97 additional deaths as of Feb. 22. That brings the mainland’s total to 76,936 cases, and 2,442 deaths. ▶️ A Texas-based genetic engineering company is claiming to have a vaccine for the new coronavirus. Greffex Inc. CEO told the Houston Business […]

Coronavirus — February 21st, 2020 Facts

▶️ China’s National Health Commission reported an additional 109 deaths, almost all in Hubei province. That brings the country’s death toll to 2,345 people, according to government data. As of the end of Friday, the new coronavirus has infected another 397 people with China’s total confirmed cases at 76,288. ▶️ In the […]

Coronavirus — February 19th, 2020 Facts

▶️ Chinese study finds novel coronavirus more contagious than SARS and MERS. China’s National Health Commission reported an additional 114 deaths, and 394 new confirmed cases as of Feb. 19. ▶️ The novel coronavirus has now killed more than 2,100 people, with eight deaths reported outside of mainland China. It has infected […]

Coronavirus — February 16th, 2020 Facts

▶️ The novel coronavirus has infected more than 71,000 people globally, mostly in mainland China. The death toll is 1,775, including five people outside mainland China. ▶️ China’s National Health Commission reported 2,048 new cases of coronavirus infections and 105 new deaths over the previous 24 hours. The number of new deaths […]

Coronavirus — February 15th, 2020 Facts

▶️ China death toll rises to 1,665, as total cases reach 68,500. Hubei’s health authorities reported 1,843 new cases and 139 more deaths as of Feb. 15. ▶️ The White House doesn’t trust China’s coronavirus numbers. ▶️ Nepal evacuates 175 citizens, mostly students, from Wuhan after coronavirus outbreak. ▶️ 25,633 medical workers sent to […]