Coronavirus — February 21st, 2020 Facts

▶️ China’s National Health Commission reported an additional 109 deaths, almost all in Hubei province. That brings the country’s death toll to 2,345 people, according to government data.
As of the end of Friday, the new coronavirus has infected another 397 people with China’s total confirmed cases at 76,288.

▶️ In the U.S., the number of confirmed cases rose to at least 34, as a number of evacuated individuals from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive.

▶️ South Korea reported that two people have died as the country’s total cases rose to 346.

▶️ China faced a new front in the coronavirus epidemic on Friday as officials reported clusters of infections in at least four prisons in three provinces. The outbreaks, affecting at least 512 prisoners and guards, raised the specter of the disease spreading through the country’s extensive prison system.

▶️ Italy reported a big jump in coronavirus infections on Friday, spiking from three cases to 17, and announced new measures to prevent the virus from spreading further.

▶️ Ukraine’s minister of health said on Friday that she would join a group of evacuees from China in a quarantined rural hospital, in the hope of calming angry protests from neighbors opposed to living near people who are potentially infected. The minister, Zoryana Skaletska, said on Facebook that she would abide by the same rules as the 45 Ukrainians and 27 people of other nationalities who were evacuated from Hubei Province, the center of the coronavirus outbreak in China, to the Poltava region in eastern Ukraine.

▶️ Organizers for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics have postponed volunteer training that was scheduled to begin Saturday, citing efforts to limit the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19.

▶️ The Hong Kong government said its second flight returning residents from the Diamond Princess cruise ship arrived. 66 of the 634 confirmed coronavirus cases stemming from the cruise ship were Hong Kong residents. Those people are receiving treatment in Japan

▶️ Stocks and sales both fall as virus knocks the global economy. Airline revenue down $29 billion. Auto sales in China cratering. Supply chains snapped.

▶️ Crisis in China affects the skies: 13,000 flight cancellations.

Photo by Yonhap, via Reuters

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