Russian Troops in Dallas

President George Bush and Russian veterans of WWII. Photo by White House

While world leaders decide what to do with Russian-Ukrainian situation over Crimea, Dallas pays tribute to Russian Word War II veterans.

Russian/Ukrainian newspaper The Dallas Telegraph reached agreement with AMC Theaters and Sony Pictures to invite 50 WWII veterans,  immigrants from former USSR – Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians who live in peace in Dallas, for screening of action/war Stalingrad movie.

Sony Pictures participated production of this war epic film by famous Russian director Fedor Bondarchuk. It is shot in latest 3D IMAX technology, advanced CGI. It is Hollywood-quality movie shot in Russia.

Fifty Dallas residents, members of Russian WWII Veterans Coalition of Dallas Omni Care, will go Thursday, March 6 to AMC Firewheel Theater 18 to recall their join effort with American troops to stop Fascism.

Please come to see the movie and to greet World War II veterans!

What: Russian Veterans go to see Stalingrad move.

Where: AMC Firewheel Theater 18, 100 Coneflower Drive, Garland, TX 75040

When: March, 6th 1.30 PM showing, fellowship at the lobby staring 1.00 PM


Media: The Dallas Telegraph, Serge Taran, (469) 682-2268;

Veteran’s gathering: Dallas Omni Care, Ella Borodyansky, (972) 495-6000.


Visuals: Veterans will come dressed in their parade uniforms, decorated with medals and honors, young Dallas will give them flowers.

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