Community Cup of Nations

Cup of Nations, Houston, 2011. Photo Serge Taran

We are amazed about what God is doing to expand His Kingdom on earth.

Around us a lot of great events are happening and we want to tell you about them.

Last week, from February 19 to 21, Global Strategic Group of CCoN (Community Cup of Nations) gathered in Houston to plan their work and to create resources for CCoN.

USA is a very international country, but according to Joshua’s Project, 73% of people of our country are unreached and most of them are immigrants. One of the best opportunities to reach them is sport, that’s why we are organizing Soccer World Cups in cities of USA as a platform to plant new churches among ethnic groups of USA. We use sport as a communicational bridge between churches of Houston and different nations of our city. In 2010, we organized the first Soccer Cup of Nations in Houston. We know that Houston is a very international city. In our city, 41% of population does not speak English at home, and that’s why 16 nations decided to gather and play soccer together.

In 2011, during our second Cup of Nations many leaders from different cities of USA came to learn from our experience, as a result, a team was organized which had a vision to start a Sports Movement and through it plant churches in 52 biggest cities of USA by 2018.This year several cities will host CCoN: on Apr. 20, 2012 Houston, Aug. 24, 2012 Saint Louis. Also, Atlanta and Charlotte are going to host CCoN. Please pray that through this movement new churches would be planted.

Also, this year we are going to have two trainings on Sports and CPM (Church Planting Movement) in Houston and Saint Louis, also we are going to have two briefings in Atlanta and Charlotte. Leaders from 15-20 different cities of USA are going to participate in these trainings.

CCoN is not only held in the USA, but also internationally. Sport ministry leaders from 24 different countries contacted us to use our experience in Sport and CPM in their ministry. What is interesting, is that some countries that contacted us we never heard that they exist.

This year big cities like Kiev, Moscow, Hong Kong, Cape town want to organize CCoN.

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