Coronavirus — February 10th, 2020 Facts

▶️ The virus: 2,478 new coronavirus cases were identified in mainland China on Monday, bringing the total number of infections there to 42,638. Worldwide, 43,090 people were infected.

▶️ The death toll and the cured: 108 people died from the virus in mainland China Monday, bringing the total death toll there to 1,016, China’s National Health Commission said. Two people have died outside mainland China, in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Nearly 4,000 infected patients in mainland China have been cured and discharged from hospital, officials said.

▶️ South Korea identifies another coronavirus patient. It now has 28 cases. Vietnam reports its 15th confirmed case — a 3-month-old baby

▶️ A British man who contracted the new coronavirus on a business trip appears to have spread the virus to 11 other people.

▶️ One of the people evacuated from Wuhan to the United States last week is infected with the coronavirus, an American health official confirmed.

▶️ Passengers leave one cruise ship affected by coronavirus, while two others remain stuck.

▶️ The outbreak on the ship, which has been docked at the Yokohama port, is the largest outside China. About 3,700 people, including about 2,600 passengers and more than 1,000 crew members, are quarantined on the ship, with passengers largely confined to their cabins. A CDC official is in Japan to assist Americans dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. 135 people have been confirmed infected, including at least 24 Americans.

▶️ A rare appearance by China’s leader, complete with face mask.

▶️ Hong Kong apartment building partially evacuated due to fears virus was transmitted through pipes.

▶️ A team of experts from the World Health Organization arrived in Beijing on Monday evening. The team was led by Bruce Aylward, a Canadian doctor and epidemiologist who has overseen international campaigns to fight Ebola and polio.

▶️ In the search for the animal source or sources of the epidemic in China, the latest candidate is the pangolin, an endangered, scaly, ant-eating mammal that is imported in huge numbers to Chinese markets for food and medicine.

▶️ Prices are jumping in China as the outbreak disrupts supplies.

▶️ Singapore’s tourism board predicts 2020 visitor arrivals will drop by about 25% to 30%.

Photo by Chinatopix, via Associated Press

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