Coronavirus — February 28th, 2020 Facts

▶️ The novel coronavirus has killed more than 2,900 people worldwide, the vast majority in mainland China. There have been more than 85,000 global cases, with infections in every continent except Antarctica.

▶️ Since the start of the outbreak, 79,251 have been infected with coronavirus and 39,002 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospital, China’s National Health Commission said.

▶️ U.S. has 64 confirmed cases and no deaths. 11 cases of coronavirus confirmed in San Antonio, Texas.

▶️ A high school student in the US with no travel history is one of two new “presumptive positive” cases in Washington State. A University of California Davis student is being tested for coronavirus following potential exposur.

▶️ Iran’s deaths at least 210, hospital sources say. Most of the victims are from the capital, Tehran, and the city of Qom, where cases of Covid-19 first emerged.

▶️ There are 935 people infected with coronavirus in Japan. 705 of them are from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. At least 11 people have died from the virus in the country, according to Japanese health officials.

▶️ There are 2,931 total coronavirus cases in South Korea, and 2,055 of them in Daegu. Of the cases in Daegu, 1,356 are connected with the group.

▶️ Italian hospitals face an “overcrowding crisis”. Italy now has over 820 cases, making it one of the worst hit countries in the world. Lombardy, in northern Italy, has 531 confirmed cases and a death toll of 17, the region’s health secretary Giulio Gallera said.

▶️ There are now 38 confirmed coronavirus cases in Taiwan. Iceland confirms its first case of coronavirus. There are now 16 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada.

▶️ The World Health Organization says the outbreak has reached the “highest level” of risk for the world, with the director-general warning it can go in “any direction.”

▶️ 124 health workers at one US hospital have been forced to self-quarantine after possible coronavirus exposure.

▶️ Millions of children across the world aren’t going to school. That’s causing problems

▶️ Major stock indexes in the US recorded their worst week since the 2008 financial crisis.

▶️ Cherry blossom festivals cancelled in Japan due coronavirus outbreak.

▶️ Hong Kong’s stock exchange said it will donate over $1 million to fight the coronavirus.

▶️ President Donald Trump is hoping for a “miracle” that will make the coronavirus disappear.

▶️ Kim Jong Un holds meeting stressing coronavirus prevention in North Korea.

▶️ UN chief recommends ministers, diplomats skip meeting due to coronavirus risks. US postpones summit with ASEAN leaders

Photo by Kim Hyun-tai/Yonhap via AP

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