Coronavirus — March 3rd, 2020 Facts

▶️ Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the social network will give the World Health Organization free advertising for its coronavirus response and take down false claims about the virus.

▶️ Global cases: At least 91,700, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization. Global deaths: At least 3,100, according to the latest figures from the WHO.

▶️ Cases in the U.S. Reach 120. The number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. rose to nine on Tuesday. Two people who died last week in the Seattle area were infected with coronavirus, officials said on Tuesday, suggesting that the virus had spread in that region days earlier than health officials had previously known.

▶️ Dallas County monitoring at least 100 people for possible coronavirus, health department says.

▶️ In China, a total of 80,270 people have been infected, with 49,856 people discharged and 2,981 dead, according to government figures. As Chinese hospitals focus on the coronavirus, other patients are ignored.

▶️ South Korea’s total confirmed cases stands at 5,328 as the death toll climbed to 32, according to KCDC data.

▶️ The number of people in Iran infected by the coronavirus surged past 2,300, the death toll rose to 77, and the country’s head of Parliament said that nearly two dozen lawmakers had tested positive and should avoid meeting with members of the public, the authorities announced on Tuesday. Iran frees 54,000 inmates to avoid spread in prisons.

▶️ The death toll in Italy jumped to 79 on Tuesday, an increase of 27 deaths in one day, Italian officials said. Of the 2,502 infections so far — up from the 1,835 announced on Monday — 90 percent were located in the northern Italian regions. The Vatican said Tuesday that Pope Francis was ailing with a common cold, and did not have “symptoms that could be related to other pathologies.”

▶️ An American veteran tested positive for coronavirus in California, the first to be treated in the nation’s sprawling veterans’ health care system. Amazon employee in Seattle office tests positive for coronavirus.

▶️ Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday evening said that “any American can be tested” for the novel coronavirus.

▶️ Regeneron CEO hopes to have coronavirus vaccine ready for human testing possibly by this summer

▶️ President Trump was weighing more restrictions on travelers arriving from abroad.

▶️ In response to the epidemic, the government of India on Tuesday curbed exports of 26 drugs and drug ingredients, including a wide range of antibiotics and certain vitamins, meaning that the new coronavirus could soon have ripple effects on people worldwide with other ailments.

▶️ Cruise ship passengers in the U.S. being released from quarantine.

▶️ NBC News Exit Poll finds US primary voters concerned about coronavirus support Biden.

▶️ World Bank approves $12 billion in emergency financing to help poor nations.

Photo by Doug Mills/The New York Times

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