How To Combat Russian Propaganda in the U.S.

Russian intelligence services have extensive experience in conducting hybrid warfare. The Kremlin spends no less money and effort on spreading disinformation than on conventional warfare. According to Ukrainian military intelligence, the budget for the new disinformation campaign Maidan-3, which the Kremlin is conducting to discredit Ukraine both within the country and abroad, amounts to a record $1.5 billion.

Russia is the heir to the USSR in conducting propaganda and disinformation campaigns. Today, the Kremlin is increasingly focusing on social media, cloning well-known websites, and using artificial intelligence, constantly attacking not only Ukraine and the West but also Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

In early 2024, Russian disinformation campaigns once again returned to American territory, and the crisis at the US-Mexico border provided an excellent pretext for this. 

The Kremlin approaches all its disinformation campaigns creatively and individually, always (!) targeting sensitive issues—whether it’s the border crisis and Texas secession, discrediting the electoral process as it did in the US in 2016, the international image of NATO, or the French colonial legacy in Africa. 

Let’s watch a documentary film by the project about what Russian propaganda looks like today and what options exist for combating Russian disinformation campaigns.

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