How to vote for “Best Russian Business of Dallas”?

I’m new to Social Networking. How do I vote? Help me step-by-step!  

Boris Slabenko

Indefinite Smile Photo Studio


Thank you for your question, Boris! Here we go:

A. Print this page. Follow instructions and your vote is only 2 minutes away!

1. You must be on a Facebook. You can join, it is simple, and it has English, Russian, and others interface.

2. If you are a member of Facebook, join Russian Dallas – Русский Даллас. You can do it by pressing JOIN button on the left side of the screen when you are on the group’s page. Your membership will be approved by the moderator (might take a day to check of the profile is real). Membership rules apply.

3. You will receive a confirmation email, your membership in the groups was approved. Go Russian Dallas – Русский Даллас, fellowship!

4. As a member of Russian Dallas – Русский Даллас you can see the Event and its poll Лучший Русский Бизнес Далласа 2012 (Best Russian Business of DFW 2012)

In the Event you will see Tree Top entries of the poll and below it “xxx More”. Press “More”.

5. You will see company name and the little square left to it. Click the square and your icon will appears right to the entry and the total score will change. You can vote for one or many businesses (organizations, social groups, churches as you like. You can also “un-like” your choice.

6.  Winners are announced at participating New Year’s Parties of DFW, also in Dallas Telegraph newspaper.

7. Invite others to join Russian Dallas – Русский Даллас group by typing friends’ names in “Add People to the Group” window.


See you at the Top!

Serge Taran

P.S. Best Russian Business of DFW 2012 – FAQ:

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