Meet Paul Voelker, Current Mayor of Richardson, Texas

The Honored Guest of the 2017 Best International Award Ceremony of North Texas (October 24th, 2017) is Mr. Paul Voelker, current Mayor of Richardson, Texas. Mr. Voelker will give prestigious awards to the Best of the Best in International Business, Charitable Organizations, and Culture Life of DFW.

The Mayor of Richardson was invited to the Ceremony by The Dallas Telegraph newspaper because Richardson is a “birth place” of Russian-speaking immigration to North Texas. First families landed in the apartment complex on Coit Rd. at the beginning of 70’s of the last century. Richardson is know as Telecom Corridor. For The Dallas Telegraph readers the city is known as a capital of Russian-speaking businesses of North Texas.

Mr. Voelker agreed to answer our audience’s questions. Please, leave your question to the Mayor in comments. English is preferred, but not critical.

In the past, it has been a good tradition when different mayors of North Texas cities answered questions of our readers before the Best International Award Ceremony. It is a great marketing tool for your company to introduce yourself to Mayor of Richardson and absolutely unique possibility to ask any question as a voter. Your questions will be passed to Mayor and his replies will be published in the upcoming edition of The Dallas Telegraph.

About Mr. Paul Voelker. He was elected as Mayor of Richardson in May 2015. He has a Bachelor of Arts: Business Administration, Computer Programming degree from William Penn University, Oskaloosa, IA in 1983.

He is an accomplished sales and marketing professional with 30 years experience in the Telecom Corridor working in alliance management, marketing and sales management, offering business solutions to major corporate communications companies. Voelker served on several local boards and committees.

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