Roxolana – Almost Two Decades of Assured Delivery Mail to Former USSR

Roxolana International Trade LTD: Fast. Reliable. Inexpensive

Almost two decades of assured delivery mail and packages to countries of former USSR:

Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirghizia, Georgia, also to Eastern European countries of former Yugoslavia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and others.

Call us to check your destination and prices now.

UPS will come to your door, to receive packages for shipments!

Request our free UPS labels by calling 1-888-725-8665.

– commercial cargo and cars;

– customs clearance;

– shipments from all continental U.S.;

Roxolana is your reliable business partner!

2200 Route 10 West, Suite 104, Parsippany, NJ 07054.

Fax: (973) 538-3899.


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