Tickets to Hell are More Expencive

Ahead of the upcoming Mayan apocalypse, firms have started selling post-apocalyptic survival kits, coupons for indulgence and even tickets to Heaven and Hell.

Stores in many Russian cities have started selling survival kits, which include candles, matches, soap, cereals, and other necessities, Vesti reports.

Other sellers offer coupons for indulgence. There are no guarantees given that one would not be punished for his sins.

One Ukrainian tourist agency has started selling one-way tickets to Heaven and Hell for December 21, 2012. Tickets to the Devil’s headquarters cost more than the ones to Heaven. The agency explained that the company is better in Hell. This, as they say, is an offer for those who “like it hot” and “can not stand low temperatures and love hot countries.”

An all-inclusive ticket to Heaven costs $15 while the same package to Hell costs $18.

People tempted by eternal harmony and serenity will be given a special certificate confirming the “reservation” of a spot and a first class ticket to Heaven.

Both Heaven and Hell newcomers will also receive maps of the area. But remember: there’s no way back.

According to the new agers’ beliefs the end of the world will come this year on December 21.

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