Review by Joan Cochran Sommers, Professor of the Accordion:

The husband and wife team of Elena and Gregory Fainshtein has played together as a duo for many years and it is obvious on their new recording just released.  Elena plays an unamplified accordion while her husband plays the Roland electronic instrument and, between the two instruments, they achieve many different and exciting sounds.  Gregory’s bass is a particularly pleasant addition to the overall sound of the duo.
Their repertoire is one which embraces both the new and the old, while emanating from different countries with several diverse styles.  All of it projects pure happiness to the listener.  One may readily tell that these two musicians enjoy performing and sharing their musical talents with all audiences.

It is obvious they are not only entertaining performers but, also, very well-trained ones with excellent technical abilities.  They compliment, enhance, and listen to each other; their respect for the music is evident throughout the recording.

Together by Elena & Gregory Fainshtein offers pure enjoyment. Whether it is a French Musette, Samba, Tango, Waltz or a Polka, it is fun music to hear.


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