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This is a landing page for information for Best International Business and Charity DFW current poll and upcoming Award Ceremony.

Best International Business and Charity DFW poll for year 2017 is here:

Please Vote for your respected business, and encourage others to support you!

See you at our Award Ceremony in 2018!



1. Can I vote for MY own business? – Yes!

2. Can I vote for several businesses? – Yes!

3. Can I bring my supporters to vote? – Yes!

4. How do I benefited from participation in the Competition?  – It is instant and very effective marketing for the duration of the poll. Awards given by Mayors of different cities to be put on walls of the office, websites, business cards. Top 20 businesses are published in the newspaper. The winner gets a front page ad.


Our history:

The Dallas Telegraph and Russian Dallas – Русский Даллас Facebook group proudly present “Best Russian Business DFW – 2012” annual contest.

Best of Russian-speaking Dallas 2014 Poll:

Best Russian Business DFW 2012 Award Ceremony

Best of Russian-speaking Dallas 2015 Poll

Лучший Русский Бизнес Далласа 2012


Рождественская Ёлка – 2015



Фотоконкурс: Лучшая Рождественская ель-2013

Лучшая елка DFW – 2012!


Конкурс на лучшее Новогоднее шоу Русского Далласа 2013-2014


Фотоконкурс: Лучшая Рождественская ель-2014:





See you at the Top!

The Dallas Telegraph,

and Russian Dallas – Русский Даллас