When Flamenco Meets Plano International Festival

When Flamenco Meets Plano International Festival


Flamenco is a part of the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage with a complex art form incorporating poetry, singing, guitar playing, dance, polyrhythmic hand-clapping and finger snapping. The best sample of the culture of flamenco is a group from DFW called “Flamenco DNA.” 

Spanish Heritage month introduced “Flamenco DNA” as a valuable addition to the culture of  multi-ethnic population of Plano that will celebrate its diversity and inclusion at 18 Plano International Festival.

Look at this fiery dance of “Flamenco DNA” and how enthusiastically it was received by the audience!

You’ll have a lot more fun at the Plano International Festival – from around the world. Let’s dance, clap and smile together!


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