Coronavirus — February 2nd, 2020 Facts

▶️ The coronavirus outbreak has killed at least 362 people and infected more than 17,384 globally, as it continues to spread beyond China. One person outside mainland China, a man in the Philippines, has died.

▶️ 11 cases have now been confirmed in the U.S. The husband recently traveled from the central Chinese city of Wuhan, epicenter of the outbreak. However, the wife did not – a case of person-to-person transmission.

▶️ The virus has been confirmed in more than 25 countries and territories.

▶️ Nearly 60 million people remain under lockdown in Chinese cities as international researchers race to develop a vaccine and halt its spread.

▶️ China just completed work on the emergency hospital it set up to tackle the Wuhan coronavirus, and it took just 10 days to do it. Huoshenshan Hospital has an area of 25,000 square meters and has 1,000 beds, with 1,400 military medics of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army expected to staff the hospital.

▶️ The Wuhan virus has turned China’s gambling mecca of Macao into a ghost town.

▶️ A second evacuation flight sent to China to repatriate U.S. citizens in Wuhan has been delayed.

▶️ President Trump’s National Security Adviser says “there’s no reason for Americans to panic” over the coronavirus.

▶️ The Wuhan coronavirus has killed more people inside mainland China than the coronavirus responsible for the SARS outbreak in 2003.

▶️ Canada has received 325 requests for departure assistance from Hubei Province due to coronavirus.

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